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Basic Rules for Pure Stock racing. (Not a complete version.)
A complete and official copy may be obtained from Sauble Speedway.

Driving a Pure Stock means two things: You drive for the pure fun of the sport and the car is stock.
1. Body: Open to any make or model of North American built 2 or 4 door sedan.
     Minimum wheel base of 106" - factory listed for that year/model.
2. Brakes: Four wheel hydraulic. No proportioning valves. Stock = year/model.
3. Carburetion: One stock O.E.M. carb (2 barrel) no larger than 500 CFM - No modifications.
4. Chassis and Suspension: Stock Only. Minimum ground clearance - 6". No rear sway bars.     
5. Engine: Must be stock. No modifying or matching of any part. Allowance for cleanup only.
                    Maximum Engine Size
     a) Pistons: Cast pistons only. Must be stock.
     b) Cam: Stock lift of .274 (at the valve 410). Must pass vacuum - 18lbs. @ 700rpm, min.
6. Exhaust: Must exit under and behind driver - outside sheet metal. Sock manifolds only.
      Maximum diameter 2 1/4" O.D.
7. Frame: No modifications. No lightening. Rear section may be fabricated from the back of the     
      shock mounts rearward.
8. Fuel & Pump: Petroleum based unleaded fuel only. Stock pump only. No electric pumps.
9. Fuel Tank: Must be mounted securely to the trunk floor. Steel tanks only. Neoprene or steel  
      gas line must be fastened under the floor securely. No copper lines. No plastic or glass filters.
10. Radiator: No aluminum rads. No antifreeze - water only.
11. Rear Ends: Factory listed only. May be welded or locked.
12. Roll Bars: Four point roll bar around driver is mandatory. Three bars at drivers door is also  
       mandatory. No bars in front of front wheels or behind rear wheels. Must be welded with
       critical joints gusseted. Minimum size of bars is 1 3/4" X .095 wall thickness.
13. Suspension: STOCK - STOCK - STOCK. DO NOT MESS WITH THIS !!!!!!!!!
14. Tires: Radials Only. Speed rating of "H" or less. No ST's, V's or LT's. No mixing of sizes.
        Maximum size: P225 - R70 - 14" or 15". No trailer tires. Used tires only.
15. Transmission: Stock automatic - 3 speed only. All gears must be operational. No alterations.
16. Wheels: No off set rims. Racing rim mandatory on right front. Others may have racing rims.
        Maximum width = 7". No aluminum mag or homemade wheels.
17. Windows: All windows except full front windshield must be removed. Must be safety glass or  
        1/8" minimum lexan.

   Fire suit is mandatory. No treated coveralls. Fire extinguisher must be within drivers reach.